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The Showcase Website is an informative or informational Website and a very effective tool for businesses or agencies looking to expand their activities outside of their local & physical market. In addition, the Showcase Website (Catalog Website, Portfolio Website) is recommended for any company whose product or service offers cannot have fixed costs or prices but are tailor-made based on customer demand. The vast majority of our clients who have opted for our Showcase Website Design services are SMEs in the industrial sector, craftsmen or service companies who wish to present their creations & expertise (Portfolio Website Design services, Catalog Website Design services, etc.) so that indirectly, new customers who are interested can contact them. The Showcase Website Design or informative Website will then detail their history and their products/services. This is why our web digital agency also includes the Portfolio Website Design and Catalog Website Design in its Showcase Website Design services since for these types of Website Design, it is not a question of direct online sales but indirect sales from potential customers who contact you, request tailor-made or custom quotes, etc.



A Catalog website presents your visitors with photos and detailed descriptions of your services or products in the form of categories and (or) subcategories. The main difference between a Catalog Website Design and an E-commerce Website design is the fact that the product and/or service provided in a Catalog Website Design is not for sale directly online but through custom quote via the contact form.

Contact the web digital agency Cocodrilo del Nilo to build a Catalog Website that will offer your business the opportunity to advertise online from its Showcase Website Design and take advantage of the incredible opportunities that our digital web agency (specialized in digital marketing) can offer. A Catalog Website Design is particularly useful if you prefer to maintain human interaction between your business and your customers. The created Catalog Website ( brochures, commercial catalogs online ) will then provide detailed, accurate and up-to-date information about the products or services, including images, descriptions and prices (if possible). So, our Catalog Website Design services will help potential customers locate the products and/or services they want and then lead them to your business via the Showcase Website contact form containing your phone number, email address, and your location (depending on your preference).

Design a catalog website


The Internet is a huge virtual meeting place where independent artists have the opportunity to Showcase their work via a bespoke Portfolio Website design so that potential clients contact them for quotes etc. or to find new partnerships and employment opportunities. If you're a creative, artist or freelancer, you shouldn't settle for just a paper CV. On the contrary, let our web digital agency Cocodrilo del Nilo design a Custom Portfolio Website for you so that it presents your entity in the best possible way for better business opportunities ( custom Showcase Website Design services ). The Portfolio Website Design is aimed at artists or creatives (photographers, videographers, musicians, etc.), freelancers, people looking for a new business or job opportunity.

Contact the web digital agency Cocodrilo del Nilo for our Custom Portfolio Website Design services (with a very simple structure and elegant, minimalist graphics) that will capture the attention of the prospect or online visitor and convince them of the quality of your works presented.



Behind the technological aspect of our Showcase Website Design ( Catalog Website Design services, Portfolio Website Design services) lies a real digital marketing strategy. Indeed, with our in-depth expertise in web ergonomics ( which means the beautiful combination of the following criteria: Accessibility, Design, Editorial content, Features, Navigation ), all the pages of your Showcase Website Design can easily be indexed by search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) and appear among the first pages of search results. So, with the help of our digital strategy and high skills in SEO, you will be able to get even more quote requests, contacts, and phone calls from new potential customers that your business might not have been able to reach outside of web.

Design a portfolio website


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