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The best UI/UX Web Design agency in Africa !

Updated: Jun 11


Design is important in everything we do. It influences the way we perceive the world, the way we act and the way we interact with each other. Our UI/UX Web Design agency Cocodrilo Del Nilo stands out from others in the same sector of activity due to its unique and distinctive visual identity Design (The graphic charter Design, in particular colors, fonts, logotype, shapes, its ultra calculated and carefully chosen visual graphics in Web Design. Indeed, these elements make all the difference between the success and failure of a website in the long term. As you can see, the websites of. our clients are tailor-made, down to the pixel according to each sector of activity and with a magnificent combination of UX/UI Design variables (UX Design = user experience | UI Design = user interface) in order to make a lasting impression on each of their target audience.


Differences between UI design and UX design

Web design is the basis of any communication strategy !

UX = user experience / UI = user interface

You should know that a website only has 10 seconds to convince and interest the visitor so, the visual aspect (belonging to UI Web Design i.e. user interface is a usability factor and the first thing that the user will notice when they visit your website. As you can see, our graphic Design masterpieces who are at the heart of our Web Design strategy have a positive impact on user experience (part of UX Design) because it is an integral part of the result or the feeling that a visitor get while interacting with our website. Thus, our mission is to perfectly align our Web Design to each client or company's visual identity, which gives personality and values to their brand image.

For example, imagine that you managed to connect with the ideal prospect. You've spent time writing a great email and managing your website landing page to make sure it's optimized for converting that prospect into a customer of your business or company. Now all you have to do is show them your website and, from there, convince them of your offer. At this precise moment, the UI/UX Web Design will play a major impact on the trust and credibility that this customer will give you while browsing the website. Thus, the complementarity or in some cases the inseparability between content and form is important for our Web Digital Agency: even if content is relevant, it must have an attractive visual Design (intriguing images, captivating infographics, good choice of colors , impactful slideshows etc.) to attract potential customers. Furthermore, as you can see for yourself online with some websites, even a good content combined with poor Web Design can have a worse result than bad content combined with good Web Design. It turns out, according to Web marketing research specializing in Web user experience (Web Design UX), that more than 90% of web visitors consider the Web Design of the website, especially the visuals of the Web Design UI (user interface) as the main determining factors of their act of purchase. So, if you want to succeed on the internet and generate traffic, it is essential to have a website with a professional, intuitive and attractive Design in perfect cohesion with your visual identity to strengthen the brand image and generate trust and credibility.

Here is a highly appreciated expression from the owner of the best UI/UX Web Design agency in Africa: "In SEO, if the hand is the content, the glove (visual) is what dresses it to better present its existence and give it a better visibility "

Purpose of our Web Design UI/UX agency


The goal of our UI Web Design, in general, is to create a positive and aesthetic experience (UX) for the user or visitor. In the case of our Websites Design, it's about making them as attractive as they are functional, because it influences usability and therefore our performance. The first thing people see when they visit our all our website Designs is an innovative, unique, attractive and captivating Web Design. Indeed, it was essential to build a refined and aesthetic Web Design, a Web Design that goes beyond simple formality, which also takes into account the needs and motivations of users as part of a UX Web Design strategy (part of user experience). It must create a positive experience for those who visit our websites so that they continue to explore it and do not abandon it quickly. A website is like a store in a neighborhood, to be visited and revisited. We therefore have to build communication with your Internet users, speak their language and give them what they want. Our goal is to make them want to make repeated visits to your websites so that they contact you or buy directly on the interface depending on the type of website (showcase Web Design or eCommerce Web Design). Our strong visual identity design ( Logo Design, graphic Design such as the choice of background images, colors and different fonts, buttons, etc.) and smooth navigation give personality and values to your brand image. A website that is attractive, fast, intuitive and capable of retaining potential customers is “clickable”. Our Web Design (navigation, Design, editorial content or web content writing, accessibility, functionalities) must be attractive, clear, easy to access and use according to the rules of Web ergonomics. In addition, our websites Design are optimally adapted (Responsive Design) to all devices that a user can potentially use.

Let's take the case of our recent eCommerce Web Design of the company VITASHOP (company distributing natural food and cosmetic products everywhere in Africa).


we had to find a way to attract readers with carefully chosen background images. Regarding Web content writing, it was also important to avoid wordy generalities and clichés. It was therefore a question of focusing on these first 10 seconds with a professional UI/UX Web Design in order to give personality to the company and distinguish it from its competitors...otherwise the visitor would be unconvinced by the website Design and will not come back. Mission accomplished ! Click on this link to see our recent web achievements

In conclusion, whether it is a showcase Web Design, eCommerce Web Design, Mobile application Design (mobile apps Design), our expertise in UI/UX Web Design and visual identity will allow you to fully facilitate the user experience (UX Design) through a tailor-made, pixel-perfect Web Design. Indeed, the visitor will be able to easily get from point A to point B, which results in a positive experience that encourages them to come back. To achieve this, we always think about the flow of information and the way users make decisions when visiting websites.



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